Thin Berry

Stratodesk le permite transformar cualquier PC, Thin Client, portátil o dispositivo Raspberry Pi en un Thin endpoint seguro y gestionado de manera central.


Reduzca Costos e Incremente Escabilidad

Raspberry Pi Thin Clients powered by NoTouch save you money by providing the same level of performance you expect from traditional Thin Clients at a fraction of the cost. Not only are Raspberry Pi devices more affordable than their competitors, NoTouch removes the costs associated with housing Windows on your devices. That includes maintenance, patching, malware/antivirus contracts and licenses that inhibit you from massively scaling your network

Boost Security

NoTouch OS is Linux based which means it is essentially impervious to common malware attacks and security threats facing PCs, Laptops and Thin Clients. It also defends against third party applications, which makes it very unlikely for a security breach to occur. What’s more, the Raspberry Pi itself is a highly secure device, free from many common flaws that plague x86 devices.

Automate Management

Stratodesk’s automated management solution, NoTouch Center, is the preferred solution for Raspberry Pi Thin Clients. Capable of setting groups, user roles and complete with live inheritance of settings, tactical overview and more, NoTouch Center allows system administrators to manage their entire network of Raspberry Pi and x86 endpoints across multiple sites from the convenience of one location




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